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Clean Queens is an Australian specialist forensic scene cleaning company based in Sydney NSW who has undertaken international and local training in -
  • crime scene cleaning;
  • severe domestic squalor;
  • human decomposition;
  • biohazard waste removal;
  • sharps removal (syringes);
  • body fluid cleaning; and
  • removal fingerprint dust, luminol and other forensic products.

Clean Queens standards exceed Australian Standards for -

  • Occupational Health and Safety,
  • WorkCover and WorkSafe,
  • NSW Health,
  • PPE - Personal Protective Equipment, and the
  • National Occupation Health and Safety Commission.

Clean Queens are the expert forensic cleaners. Some of our cleaning scenes include -

  • human decomposition,
  • suicides,
  • other violent deaths,
  • accidents in the workplace,
  • sewage cleanup, and
  • blood cleanup (stabbings, glassing attacks, etc.)

Clean Queens -

  • can reduce your risk of public liability to staff and the public;
  • can reduce your risk of infection in the workplace;
  • can provide TBC (total bacteria count) incubated for the growth of bacteria, fungi and colliforms; and
  • can eliminate all biological hazards.
Clean Queens service Local and NSW Government clients.

Telephone Number 1300 734 725

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Clean Queens provides a 24 hour, 7-day a week service to you.

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We exceed the NSW Public Health Act 1991.

We maintain current certificates of currency for public liability and workers compensation.

We have written Occupational Health & Safety policies and procedures.

All Biohazardous Waste is transported and disposed of according to the NSW Health Act.