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Clean Queens decontaminate the scene as well as all surrounding surfaces to ensure a safe re-entry of the premises.

Human decomposition on kitchen floorHuman decomposition on foam mattress
 A deceased human body which has been undiscovered for days, weeks or months is a decomposing biohazard! The smell is unbelievable - and pathogens are air-borne! The scene is contaminated with blood borne pathogens and insects.
Human decomposition on carpetHuman decomp in the bathroom
Decomposing body matter and fluids will seep into the carpet, bedding, floorboards, plasterboard walls, wooden floors, furniture and more.
Human decomposition on a mattressHuman decomposition on a pillow
Maggots consume body tissues and blood, which can transmit infectious agents.
Human decomposition in sofaHuman decomposition on carpet

Clean Queens - specialise in Forensic and Crime scene cleanup.

Cleaning is commenced immediately upon release of the crime scene.

We have expertise and current training in the latest techniques to remove forensic products used at crime scenes.

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Clean Queens provides
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service to you.

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