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At Home

Fingerprint dust on washing machineAfter a violent death in your home (homicide or suicide) Clean Queens will...

  • remove blood, body fluids and brain tissue (biohazards) safely
  • have specialised knowledge about decontaminating your home
  • decontaminate of all surrounding surfaces for a safe re-entry and return to a normal appearance
  • save you the painstaking effort of doing the job yourself.

We safely handle, remove and transport bio-hazardous material away from your home and your loved ones.

Bloody T-shirt in bath

Crime Scene accidental death in a boarding houseCrime Scene accidental death in a boarding house

Clean Queens - specialise in Forensic and Crime scene cleanup.

Cleaning is commenced immediately upon release of the crime scene.

We have expertise and current training in the latest techniques to remove forensic products used at crime scenes.

Telephone Number 1300 734 725

Clean Queens provides
a 24 hour, 7-day a week
service to you.

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