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Severe Domestic Squalor

Squalor/ Neglect: HoardingRotting floor
Hoarding, extreme filth, clutter, neglected living conditions, vermin infestation. Clean Queens network with aged care assessment teams, Department of Ageing, Disability and HomeCare, General Practitioners, social workers from Sydney metropolitan hospitals, RSPCA, mental health unit, and community housing.
Squalor/ Neglect: Interior of a home

Squalor in a kitchenSqualor in a kitchen

Clean Queens transforms units, houses, private and government housing when living conditions have become extremely neglected and pose health risk hazards to community workers.
Squalor/ Neglect: Interior of a home - Hoarding

Squalor/ Neglect: Interior of a homeSqualor/ Neglect: Interior of a home - Hoarding pile over 6 feet

Clean Queens - specialise in Forensic and Crime scene cleanup.

Cleaning is commenced immediately upon release of the crime scene.

We have expertise and current training in the latest techniques to remove forensic products used at crime scenes.

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