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Shopping Centre: Toilet covered in faeces Shopping Centre: Vomit on floor

Under Work Cover Act (2003) you have a 'duty of care' to your employees and your public. WorkCover includes all public government services, real estate agents, the building Industry, body corporates, shopping centres and even the local bank. Under legislation, you have a 'duty of care' towards staff and the general public.
A new tennant moving into her new apartment finds syringes under the laundry tub Closeup of syringes under sink
For example:
  • syringes found on a building site
  • syringes in the carpark at your workplace
  • vomit and other body fluids in public transport
  • common areas in a unit block splattered with blood
  • syringes blocking a drain where plumbers are working
  • human defecation in a public areas eg., common areas of unit blocks, lifts, stairwells
  • sewage leaks from blocked toilets
  • vomit, used condoms or other waste in public toilets or nightclubs
  • a new tenant moving into her new apartment finds syringes under the laundry tub

'Out of sight' might be 'out of mind' however, biohazards may not be visible to your eye. Biohazards always present a danger to the public.

Workplace: blood on floor Workplace: blood on floor

Clean Queens - specialise in Forensic and Crime scene cleanup.

Cleaning is commenced immediately upon release of the crime scene.

We have expertise and current training in the latest techniques to remove forensic products used at crime scenes.

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