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Clean Queens is at the forefront of trauma and forensic cleaning specialists to keep you and your public safe.

Violent death and body decomposition are biohazards. Through blood and air borne pathogens you risk HIV, hepatitis C, tuberculosis, e.coli and hantavirus.

The ways to pick up disease or infection -

  • You can breathe it in
  • You can get it through your eyes
  • You can get by eating it
  • You can get it through microscopic broken skin
  • You can be injected with it
  • You can absorb it through your skin

The dangers of infection and disease are higher than ever before. Many of these infections and diseases are air borne and blood borne. Even blood borne pathogens can be inhaled.

Examples of Clinical Waste and Non-Clinical Waste
Under the WorkCover NSW there is a "duty of care" to employees and the public. WorkCover includes all public Government services, real estate agents, the building industry, body corporates, shopping centres and even the local bank. They all have a "duty of care" towards staff and the general public.

Clean Queens - specialise in Forensic and Crime scene cleanup.

Telephone Number 1300 734 725

Clean Queens provides
a 24 hour, 7-day a week
service to you.

Wherever there has been a death, injury or crime—
Call Clean Queens

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