Duty of care comes in all shapes and sizes. The other day, I attended a NSW Police Local Area Command to clean up wet blood in the back of a police truck.

The story was: two Constables had attended a call-out about a stray dog. The big tan Labrador had bailed up some guy and by all reports, the man was completely terrified.

However, when the police arrived, they could see the friendly giant meant no harm. Wagging his tail and bouncing around the bloke, the animal clearly was no threat at all.

Plan A:
So they decided to take the overgrown pup back to the station in the caged section in rear of their truck. Opening the hatch, they spotted wet blood inside from a previous shift.

Rather than putting the happy pooch in the caged area along with the wet blood, they quickly went to plan B.

Plan B:
To avoid transferring the blood from the cage to a greater number of surfaces and a potential risk of exposure to RSPCA staff, these boys in blue simply popped the friendly dog on the back seat and off they went.

Now that