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Expert Forensic Cleaners

When faced with unexpected traumatic events Clean Queens can be depended upon to sensitively manage the type of invasive cleaning with the utmost respect to families.

Clean Queens is at the forefront of trauma and forensic cleaning specialist to keep you and your public safe.

Death, Injury or Crime

The specialist work that we do, no two jobs are ever the same. If you want a guideline pricing and timeframe, we will need to view the scene before providing an estimate. Generally, timeframes and pricing can be compared to previous jobs we have completed.

Where there are body fluids and/or human decomposition, no one should enter or approach the biohazard area, as it potentially puts you at risk of an exposure to bloodborne pathogens, viruses and diseases. Not to mention could also have psychological effects on the viewer.

After any accident or death occurs, when Police have finished their investigations, arrangements will need to be made immediately for the area to be forensically cleaned.


Our Forensic cleaning service depend on your particular need, site, situation and effort involved.
We have a structured “Service fees” price list. To complete some jobs a number of components make up the job, eg: Category’s for the cleaning required, dry and clinical waste, pest control, carpet disinfecting, deodorising and steam cleaning etc.

General Business hours are Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm
We are available 24/7 all days of the year. If you require our services outside our general business hours, call-out fees will apply.
We service the whole of the Sydney Metropolitan and NSW. If you require service outside Sydney metropolitan, additional travel fees apply.

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